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Real-life examples of Enscape in action

by tas_1985 

Get the most out of your workflow

It revolutionized our process. We find that we can get to decision points earlier. We find that we can extend the length of time that we’re spending on design.
Bob Shemwell | Senior Principal

Minimize project time and costs

We envisage that designing this way and letting the clients walk around the building has the potential to save the clients a lot of money further down the line as they know what they are getting beforehand.
Paul McCreanor | Director
McCreanor and Co. Architects

Take on projects of epic proportions

With Enscape being able to smoothly navigate even our largest models, we are able to experience any stage of design in real-time with stunning quality and realism.
Paul Renner | BIM Practice Specialist
by KPF

Clash detection: more trial, less error

by Hunters South Architects
Whilst Enscape is great for visualisation and VR, it’s also a comprehensive addition to coordination and clash detection. [...] However, having the ability to use Enscape in a coordination meeting and walk consultants around the issues, helps to articulate those problems in a way that Navisworks or Revit may not be able to.
Dan Smith | Technical Director
Hunters South Architects

Show and share your work

Being able to use Enscape as a common language to communicate our designs, both internally and externally, has helped the design team, investors, clients, consultants and other stake holders to be on the same page about the vision of the project. Enscape truly represents what architecture visualization should be like – immediate, flexible, easy to use, and accurate.
Enoch Chow | Director of Digital Practice / Architect
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects
Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

Agile and adaptive

Design is always an iterative process, but Enscape has made it a dynamic one at Turner Fleischer: the tools we use can now keep-up with our creativity, allowing quick decision making and letting our clients instantly see the impact of their choices.
Steve Nonis | Principal
Turner Fleischer Architects Inc.

Impress clients

Now, with Enscape, our clients are amazed with what we show them. They are able to actually experience their project before it is even built. Enscape helps us to do a better job.
Devin Canton | Associate and BIM Manager ​
HMFH Architects​

Enscape Success Story

Overland Partners

Recently Enscape stopped by in San Antonio, Texas, to check in with one of the top architecture firms in the US, Overland Partners. They gave us a look at how they have used Enscape to optimize their workflow and aid in the presentation and communication of their remarkable designs.

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