Enscape for Mac

Now supporting Archicad, Rhino, SketchUp, and Vectorworks! Experience the ease and speed of an integrated design and visualization workflow with the following benefits:

  • Real-time workflow
  • 100% integration
  • Diverse 3D asset collection
  • Effective iterations
  • Immersive customer experience

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Get to the Core of Enscape for Mac

Archicad, Rhino, SketchUp, and Vectorworks users on macOS can now enjoy:


Real-Time Walkthrough

Navigate your fully rendered project with perspective, walk, and fly modes with the live link between Enscape and the host application.

  • Instant high-quality 3D walkthroughs at every stage of the design process
  • Perfect for daily design reviews, live demos, and final client presentations

Asset Library

Fill your scene with assets, including adjustable assets, from the Enscape Asset Library, or import your own custom assets. Choose from a collection of vegetation, people, furniture, and so much more.

  • Convey the right aesthetic for your architectural project
  • Select from over 3800 3D assets, including assets with variants

Material Editor

Refine materials by making use of height maps and adjusting textures to create the desired look and feel for your design scene.

  • Enhance the authenticity by mimicking real-world surfaces and textures
  • Experiment with different material combinations to create unique renderings

Material Library

Access our predefined collection of high-quality materials.

  • Communicate your design aesthetic and improve the realism of any scene with little effort.
  • Choose the “Replace with Enscape Material” function to enhance the CAD native materials

Visual Settings

Choose the best rendering style for images and adjust atmosphere settings, including illumination, cloud density, and white mode.

  • Control the mood, quality, and realism of your renderings
  • Get clients focused on the architecture with white mode

Export Options

Share visualizations with design teams and clients with still render, video, panorama, web standalone, and batch rendering export options.

  • Curate a better presentation experience with grouped panoramas
  • Instantly access your uploaded standalones via a web link

Manage Uploads

Organize your panorama and web standalone files easily via the upload management dialog within Enscape.

  • Share files and updates with your design team and clients with ease
  • Offer a more efficient way of working when reviewing projects

Site Context

See what your building will look like on-site and eliminate the lengthy processes of modeling topography and importing geometry with the Site Context mode.

  • Make better decisions with real-world context added.
  • Immerse your design within the urban fabric it is meant for

Enscape for Mac tutorial

Learn how the latest updates of Enscape for Mac can elevate your visualizations and streamline your design workflow.

28:00 mins

Other Features

Synchronize views

360° Panorama Tour

Language support

Frequently Asked Questions

Enscape for Mac supports the following versions:

  • Rhino 7, 8 SR3 or later
  • Archicad 26, 27
  • SketchUp 2022, 2023, 2024
  • Vectorworks 2023 SP6 or later, 2024

For an overview of the system requirements needed to operate Enscape for Mac, visit the system requirements page.

Upon signing up for a free trial or purchasing a license, you will receive an email with a link to the page where installation files are available for download.

Enscape for Mac follows the same subscription structure as its Windows counterpart. For more information, visit the pricing page.

Yes. The same license works for both Enscape for Mac and its Windows counterpart. If you already have an Enscape license, you can use it for Enscape for Mac.

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