The best way to present architectural projects in real time

Architectural visualization and architectural rendering requires complex calculation. Save time with our architectural visualization solution. Enscape was created with architects in mind who want to focus on creating art. With Enscape, a great presentation of the project can be created within seconds. Enscape fits perfectly into the BIM workflow with its direct use of the model which is created in Revit. Already today, some of the greatest architects in over 60 countries worldwide love using the software for presentations and creating renderings quickly.

Enscape is a visualization software for architects

With Enscape, you can get a feeling for your designs and spaces in the project. As a Revit plugin, Enscape allows you to seamlessly walk through your 3D BIM design and to turn it into great looking renderings.

Enscape is easy to use – it can run on a second screen all the time. The design is updated via the live link between Revit and Enscape. Enscape allows you to improve your design even directly in a client meeting. With an HMD like the Oculus or, in the future, the HTC Vive, the customers can even get virtual reality experience of their project as it was already built.

Top 5 reasons Architects use Enscape

1. Everyone can create a great architectural visualization

Enscape enables anyone to create visualizations without the necessity to learn an extra software. Everyone who can use Revit can directly use Enscape through the direct integration. Solely clicking on start, the visualization is created directly from the 3D CAD model. It just takes 30 seconds to create a rendering out of the CAD model.  Only the adjustment of the perspective and pressing the “screenshot” button are necessary steps for an optimal experience.

2. BIM Workflow with live architectural visualization

With Enscape, the visualization is created directly from the 3D CAD model. This means that no data gets lost on the way to your visualization. In addition, changes in the model are visible instantly. Enscape can be perfectly integrated into the BIM process since every information remains in only one Revit model. BIM mangers love the new possibility which allows for quick iterations. By using Enscape you can really make use of a second screen. Having the rendering window open, every change is visible instantly. For example, you can see how shadows fall instantly. No more clicking between windows.

3. It’s fast!

architectural visualization

In comparison with other 3D visualization software solutions, Enscape offers you a fast way to create great renderings.

4. Interactive presentation

Enscape not only allows you to create images, but it also allows you immerge into the scene. The customer can experience his/her building by walking through it. Enscape offers the possibility to walk around in a 3D environment that is created in real time by the proprietary Enscape technology. You can even demonstrate your project in virtual reality (VR) with head mounted displays like the Oculus Rift.

5. Share with customers

architectural visualization

With Enscape, it is easy to prepare a high quality 3D visualization for every meeting, for every client in every appointment. No extra time needs to be spent after changing the model. You can export the whole project with only one click. The resulting program, which is created after a few moments, runs on every high performance computer, even if Revit is not installed. It is also possible to create a 3D file that runs in virtual reality.

Future of 3D Architectural presentation

Architectural Visualization

Caleb Lowery
Thomas Shafer Architects

I’m impressed by the ease of use, and how smoothly it works with Revit to produce quality content. This is a great medium for producing visuals for clients in our design stages without spending a ton of time exporting to 3ds-max, re-texturing, rendering, manipulating, etc. It will certainly help close the gap between our design intents and client’s understandings.

Architectural Visualization

Ian Siegel
BIM Practice Specialist
Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF)

We were immediately impressed with how little time and effort is required to produce real-time design reviews and high-quality renderings. What used to take days now takes minutes. We’re rolling out Enscape to all our global offices.

Architectural Visualization

Stephen Holmes
Practice BIM
Manager & Partner
Foster + Partners

We have been using Enscape as both a design presentation and decision making tool. It seamlessly integrates into our BIM process with minimal training. Enscape’s immediate feedback to design changes of geometry, material finishes, lighting and acoustics directly from the BIM model is a significant benefit.

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