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Version 3.3 - Design Beyond Boundaries

What's New?

Enscape 3.3 empowers you to design beyond boundaries. Add context to design scenes with the brand-new Site Context feature, work more effectively with the Alpha Channel Export, and enhance projects with Education-themed assets and materials. Plus, so much more!

Site Context

Understanding local context is essential for outstanding building design. Site Context eliminates the lengthy processes of modeling topography and importing geometry, giving you an easier way to design beyond boundaries.

Alpha Channel Export

Get rid of hours spent in post-processing with the Alpha Channel Export. This feature allows you to render an image with the alpha channel applied so you can add a suitable background to your design easily.

Education Assets & Materials

Liven up education building projects with the new asset and material collections. Select from a range of assets such as classroom furniture or playground equipment and materials like acoustic panels and DNA helix

Pin Enscape Window on Top

Whether you prefer the Enscape rendering window always on top of the BIM or CAD window while you work or in the background, this feature enables you to tailor your workflow to suit your preference.

Material Overwrite

Exchanging materials from within the Material Editor has become much easier with Material Overwrite. Say goodbye to manually importing/exporting Enscape material files and enjoy a more streamlined workflow.

Transparent Materials in Reflections

This feature allows you to render objects with transparent materials in reflections. This feature is only available for graphics cards that support ray tracing, such as the NVIDIA RTX series and the AMD RX6xxx series.

Enscape 3.3 Benefits

Experience the ease of creating stunning renderings and achieve first-class quality in designs with the new Enscape features.

Site Context

  • Have a clear picture of what your building will look like on-site
  • Make better decisions with real-world context added to your design scene

Alpha Channel Export

  • Get a fully transparent background without doing tricky editing work 
  • Liven up your design by adding the perfect backdrop with ease

Education Assets & Materials

  • Create realistic visualizations with the right assets and materials
  • Reduce time spent looking for education assets and materials online

Pin Enscape Window on Top

  • Enjoy a more efficient process when reviewing design changes
  • Adjust this behavior to accommodate your workflow and requirements

Material Overwrite

  • Swiftly replace materials in design scenes with Enscape materials
  • Avoid the once extended process of material file exchange

Transparent Materials in Reflections

  • Add a layer of realism with enhanced glass and water surfaces
  • Impress clients with lifelike reflections in design scenes

Enscape 3.3 Live Stream

Come and discover new ways to design beyond boundaries as we walk you through the latest features released with Enscape 3.3.


Additional features

Enscape 3.3 includes Camera Sync Optimization, Upload Migration, Japanese Language, and SketchUp 2022 support. For more information on all the new features, check out the Enscape 3.3 blog article.

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