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Do You Want to Create Interior Renderings Easier?

Enscape’s 3d interior design software allows architects and designers to turn models into beautiful, fully immersive walkthrough experiences, in real time. Try Enscape now for free for 14 days and get started with the following resources:

  • An interior sample project
  • A collection of exclusive interior design assets
  •  A guide about how real-time interior visualization can benefit your projects

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Why interior designers choose Enscape

Super-fast rendering

Render in seconds, not hours. Benefit from effective communication without significant expenditure of time and make better design decisions faster. 

Win more work

Create and communicate interior design visualizations to secure new projects. Enscape real-time rendering technology allows you to develop ideas in collaboration with potential clients.

Explore in virtual reality

Get clients focused on the bigger picture by using VR to explore designs. Easily communicate a space’s form, flow, and volume through an immersive experience. 

Easy to use

Enscape plugs into your favorite modeling software and appears within its toolbar. Simply click ‘start’ to see your designs as high-quality 3D interior renderings. 


It’s impressive how real-time visualization has improved my workflow and my deliveries. As a designer, it’s now easier to fully comprehend the space, the scale, forms, and finishes closest to reality without relying on a render specialist who would normally take some time to do the updates. Enscape is a very user friendly and self-explanatory program.

Adriana Lacruz
Lacruz Design Studio

Enscape supported us in testing, experiencing, and presenting our concepts to the client with speed in producing media that we never experienced before. The virtual reality function quickly became a staple in all our meetings. It also allowed us to check the simple ergonomics of the bespoke furniture we designed, and we were confident with what we gave to the manufacturers.

Gautier Pelegrini
Viewport Studio

Ever-expanding Asset Library

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See how easy it is to overwrite materials

Exchange Enscape materials easily with the Material Overwrite feature. Test out different design ideas to make better decisions faster.

Viewport Studio: Stepping into True Real-Time Rendering and VR Design

In this session, Gautier Pelegrin from Viewport Studio will share how Enscape has redefined working in real-time rendering by allowing the user to make visual changes on the spot, enabling a new workflow and process for designers, while opening the door to a new design method with VR real-time design and cinematic presentation. Zoom in and out on large and small projects while keeping attention to details.

Enscape is a real-time rendering and VR plugin that is compatible with Autodesk Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Archicad, and Vectorworks.

The simplicity and ease of use has made Enscape a favorite for many firms. You simply click “start” to see and experience your designs like never before.

Unlike Revit, SketchUp does not have a way to facilitate light sources. So, to enable you to put lights in SketchUp, we created a tool to add special objects which are recognized in Enscape – for example light or sound sources. Visit our blog, to find out more about best practices for lights in SketchUp.

Yes. The Enscape Custom Asset Library is provided as an addition to the existing Enscape Asset Library to allow users to include and later quickly select and place their own collection of custom models into their projects. Supported file formats are *.gltf, *.obj or *.fbx. To find out more about the Custom Asset Library, please visit the knowledge base.

Actually Enscape was even made to make your design process more efficient. From Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development to the Construction Phase, Enscape offers you an integrated design workflow. With Enscape visualization becomes now an integral part of the design process. To find out more click here.

Do You Want to Create Interior Renderings Easier?

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