HP Anyware for architects

HP Anyware

Working remotely with Enscape and HP Anyware

Whether in the office or on-the-go, the right remote desktop setup is critical for maintaining productivity and security, especially for those leveraging real-time visualization and virtual reality to bring creative designs to life.

It’s all about having access to a very powerful machine that is safe and secure. HP Anyware gives IT the flexibility and security users need while creating a high-performance, seamless experience for teams to interact with their digital workspaces.

It’s so lightweight, most people forget they’re using it at all

HP Anyware provides near-lossless performance while using your favorite software tools—without altering performance. Users can access building and infrastructure design, construction, and CAD/CAM/CAE software with workstation computing power or leverage the vast capabilities of the public cloud.

Strong data protection

Deployment flexibility for virtually any IT infrastructure

Virtual collaboration capabilities

World-class remoting performance

Broad peripheral support

Architect using Enscape to work remotely

It's time to create, innovate, and visualize from anywhere

Enscape has participated in HP’s early evaluation program since July, testing everything from licensing to ease of use and user experience. One solution to highlight is HP Anyware*, which helps designers and architects stay connected to the resources they need to stay productive and creative, wherever they want to work.

By Petr Mitev


  1. HP Anyware requires network access.
  2. HP Anyware supports Windows®, Linux® and MacOS® host environments and Window, Linux, MacOS, iOS®, Android®, and Chrome OS® end-user devices. For more on the system requirements for installing HP Anyware, refer to the Admin Guides at: https://docs.teradici.com/find/product/cloud-access-software
  3. HP Anyware uses the PCoIP® remote display protocol to communicate between the host and end-user device.
  4. HP Anyware supports a broad range of peripherals, refer to the Admin Guides for a full list at: https://docs.teradici.com/find/product/cloud-access-software