Set Proxy & Firewall

Proxy Server and Firewall Settings

Before Enscape tries connecting to the Enscape licensing server to authenticate the License Key, you should check with your IT Administrator as to whether you’re machine connects to the internet via a proxy server and, additionally, whether you will need to specify some URL exceptions in your Firewall.

You can implement the proxy settings provided by your IT Administrator in Enscape by opening the General Settings window and selecting the Network option. Click the Edit Proxy Settings button, which will open the Enscape Proxy Server window. Then un-check the Use System Default checkbox to allow your proxy server details to be entered. Otherwise, just keep the Use System Default checked. Use the Test Connection button to test if the connection is functioning or not. Enscape will tell you if the connection is working or not.

Enscape Configure Proxy options

Enscape Configure Proxy options

If you’re not connected to a proxy server (in which case you will not need to change anything in the Enscape Proxy Server settings), you may need to add some exceptions to your Firewall, as your Firewall may possibly be blocking Enscape from connecting to the Enscape Licensing Server, as well as the server for Panoramas, Web Standalones, the Asset Library, as well as the Enscape Feedback function.

Therefore, please make sure that you have created the following URL exceptions along with the associated port numbers in your Windows Firewall Settings (Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security) so that a connection to all the required Enscape servers is possible:

The port for these URL’s should be set to ‘80‘ and the protocol should be set to TCP (http).

Also, please set the following URL exceptions that are for connection to the Enscape Asset Library, Web Standalone, Panoramas, and Feedback services. The port number should be set to listen on port ‘443‘ with the protocol being set to TCP (http and https):

To understand how to add exceptions to a Windows version Firewall, please refer to the information provided by the vendor, Microsoft.

If you continue to have issues connecting to our servers through your firewall, then please get in touch with us using the email

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