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Enscape allows you to generate 360° panoramas in both stereo or mono. They can be saved to a file or uploaded into the cloud, where they are accessible via a web link. The panoramas can be viewed with a web browser on both desktop computers or mobile devices. If you render a panorama fro cardboard you can enable the cardboard mode on your mobile device by clicking on the cardboard icon.

Enscape's Render Panorama buttons in Revit

Enscape's Render Panorama buttons in Revit

How to export a panorama

Start Enscape and simply navigate to the position you want to capture. Open the Visual Settings window and make sure that have Projection set to Perspective. Then, click the Render Panorama button, and choose either Render Panorama, which will render the image out in mono, or Render Panorama for Cardboard which will render the image out in stereo. The panorama will now be generated and saved to be then found via the Manage Uploads button.

Manage your Panoramas

Click the Manage Uploads button in the Enscape toolbar and then select the Panoramas tab in the Manage Uploads window to open your panorama gallery. Here you get an overview of your panoramas. You can sort them by project or time in the upper right corner. Hover over the image, moving the mouse pointer to the left or right side to rotate the panorama.

Enscape's My Uploads window

Enscape's My Uploads window

Click on the cloud symbol to upload your panorama to the Cloud.

Upload Panorama to the Cloud icon

Upload Panorama to the Cloud icon

If you have issues uploading a panorama to the cloud, then this may be due to your Firewall. You may need to add some exceptions to your Firewall, and you will find the information you need to do this at this link.

Once you have uploaded the panorama to the cloud, the Upload panorama to cloud button changes to the View panorama in browser button. Clicking on the button will directly open the panorama in your browser; hovering over this button will reveal a QR code that can be scanned with QR scanning software which will directly open the link to the panorama in the devices default browser.

Enscape's View panorama in browser button showing the QR code when hovering over the button

Enscape's View panorama in browser button showing the QR code when hovering over the button

Finally, the 3 dots icon will reveal further options:

  • Save panorama to file… – as .png, .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, or .tiff.
  • Copy link address
  • Copy QR code
  • Save QR code to file…
  • Remove panorama from cloud
The Panoramas gallery additional options

The Panoramas gallery additional options

Additionally, you will see small icons in the bottom left and right corners of the panorama gallery thumbnail. The cloud icon means that it is uploaded to the cloud whereby a web link is available. The glasses icon means that it is a stereo panorama ready to be viewed with a cardboard device.

Icons that indicate a panorama is uploaded to the Cloud and is in Stereo mode

Icons that indicate a panorama is uploaded to the Cloud and is in Stereo mode

The following video shows the process and options for creating a panorama, uploading it to the cloud, the associated QR code, and how to save the file locally.

Create a Panorama in Enscape for Google Cardboard

Tune the Parameters

In the Enscape settings, you can modify the overall Rendering Quality in the General tab. This also affects the panorama rendering time and quality. Medium generally produces great results at a high speed, Ultra provides the highest quality but takes the longest time.

The resolution can be specified in the Capture tab from the Resolution drop down menu. Be aware that only the height is taken into account. The width is adjusted accordingly.

Resolution Mono Stereo
Low 2048×1024 2048×2048
Normal 4096×2048 4096×4096
High 8192×4096 8192×8192

If you are not happy with the exposure brightness in your final panorama, disable Automatic Exposure and set a manual exposure that you want. If auto exposure is enabled, Enscape measures a good exposure when starting the panorama capture that might not be ideal for the overall panorama.

Preview Panorama

Navigate in the panorama by holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse. Try it below.

View it in Cardboard

Use a QR code scanner on your mobile phone to open the panorama. We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari to view it properly.

Panorama in Cardboard in Mono mode

Panorama in Cardboard in Mono mode

Click on the cardboard icon in the lower right corner to enable the stereo mode. You will then be asked to put your phone into a cardboard device.

In your Documents folder you will find an Enscape folder which contains the Panorama folder where Enscape stores the files associated with panoramas. These files are stored as .xml files and if you delete these files you will remove the panoramas from your My Panoramas as well as any connection to the files in the Cloud.
Insert Links to Navigate
Enscape gives you the panorama in mono and stereo via a normal image file or uploads it to the web. If you want to go further, you can connect the panoramas with clickable arrow links to make it more interactive. A variety of tools exist to do that, for example krpano.
For Software Developers
If you want to host the panorama on your own webspace, follow these guidelines. This is for users with software development background only – usually, our one-click cloud upload is a great solution to host your panorama reliably and fast.
Note for iOS devices
As of iOS 12.2, Apple decided to limit accelerometer and gyroscope access in browsers for “privacy reasons”.
You should be able to re-activate the access through the following settings:
Settings > Safari > Privacy & Security > Motion & Orientation Access.
Since iOS 13, Apple have disabled access to this option altogether, and as this is now on a per request basis, a prompt will appear each time on opening a panorama.

Security & Privacy Policy for Cloud Service

For our Security and Privacy policy for Cloud Services, please refer to our EULA’s

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