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After the Enscape .pkg installer has finished running and has been closed, Enscape should then be visible as a toolbar in the SketchUp User Interface(UI). Even though the Enscape application icon may appear in your Apple Dock when you open SketchUp, you cannot start Enscape from the Apple Dock. When using Enscape for SketchUp, the toolbar will appear as a floating window.

However, you may also find that you have to manually enable Enscape in the CAD via the CAD’s toolbar / menu options. This article explains how that is done for SketchUp.

In a situation where you do not see any reference to Enscape in the SketchUp menu or toolbar options, it is likely that the installation is corrupt or was somehow unsuccessful. In such circumstances it would be recommended to perform a fresh reinstall of Enscape. This means, uninstalling Enscape completely by removing it from Mac applications, rebooting the machine, and then running the Enscape installer again. You should also refer back to the installation steps, found here.

Enable Enscape in SketchUp

If Enscape has been successfully and correctly installed, you should at least see an Enscape menu option under SketchUp’s top level Extensions menu button.

Location of the Enscape menu in SketchUp

Location of the Enscape menu in SketchUp

If you want to work with the Enscape Toolbars instead of the top level drop down menu, then you can enable these in one of two ways. The first method is to add the Enscape window via the View dropdown menu’s Tool Palettes option.

Enable the toolbar by clicking Enscape in the SketchUp Tool Palettes

Enable the toolbar by clicking Enscape in the SketchUp Tool Palettes

Once clicked, SketchUp’s Toolbar window will open where you will be given a list which will include Enscape as a toolbar option. Check mark the Enscape option and the floating window will appear.

Enscape Toolbar in SketchUp

Enscape Toolbar in SketchUp

The second method is to add the Enscape buttons via the View dropdown menu’s Customize Toolbar option. Once clicked, a window with SketchUp’s Toolbars will open which will include Enscape icons as well. Drag and drop the Enscape icons to the SketchUp Toolbar on top and click [Done] in the Toolbar window.

Starting Enscape in SketchUp

Once Enscape is installed, you will need to follow these steps to be able to view your SketchUp project in Enscape:

  • Open your SketchUp project file.
  • Click on the “Start Enscape” button in the Enscape toolbar.
  • The Enscape window opens in the perspective view.

You can leave Enscape open while you make any desired changes in SketchUp (e.g. cross sections, materials or geometric changes in the model). Your changes will show up instantly as long as you have Live Updates Live Updates button activated in Enscape. Activating the Synchronize Views Synchronize Views button will sync the perspective view from SketchUp to the Enscape window.

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