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7 juillet 2022Metropolis Magazine

Three Technologies Are Changing How We Design for Climate

Charged with addressing the global climate crisis, designers around the world are responding to the challenge with innovation.

Petr Mitev
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25 mai 2022AEC Magazine

Real-time viz: transforming design

Roderick Bates, head of integrated practice at Enscape, shares his thoughts on how the industry is harnessing technology to create a more effective design process and a more inclusive future.

Roderick Bates
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12 mai 2022Enscape Blog

Digital Twins, Metaverse, Carbon Awareness: Trends Impacting AEC in 2022 and Beyond

Companies positioned at the forefront of the latest AEC industry trends are more likely to remain competitive. With an abundance of information available on new innovations and updated metrics, keeping up with the latest and greatest is a job in and of itself.

Roderick Bates5 min read
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7 avril 2022AECbytes

Five Powerful Lessons Shaping the Future of AEC

Throughout external disruptions beyond its control, the AEC industry has learned important lessons that are helping to redefine the industry and shape future work. Here are five of the most powerful.

Petr Mitev
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4 mars 2022Enscape 3D Blog

Sustainable Architecture and the Climate Change Challenge for AEC

Every generation of designers before us has had unique challenges to respond to, and in turn, shape the built environment for future generations. Now it's our turn.

Petr Mitev 5 min read
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