In General

Many times, people ask us: “Where does the power behind Enscape come from? Is this all real and man-made?“, which is indeed a tricky question. We agreed on not telling the truth, to conceal one of our allies in fighting the menace of slow rendering. Until now.

Truth be told, we received help. Help from a distant planet, namely planet Threedee. His name is Dr.Photon. He is good looking, well trained (similar to the entire Enscape team) and a space-fight veteran. His entire life, he assisted the Threedee Seal Team 6 in fighting rendering crimes from outer space. An experience that makes him fearless in battle and lets his enemies scared stiff.

I’m so done with saving galaxies from villains.
Now it’s time to make rendering fast!

When Dr.Photon approached us with his message, it totally made sense. Back then, Enscape was complicated, slow and cumbersome. Dr.Photon took a look and yelled his famous “One-Click-BAM!!!” – and the frames began to roll out.

“Having a superhero in your team really helps”, says the Enscape CEO Thomas Schander. “The only disadvantage is, that he requires us to work 73h a day. It works for him, but we’re still figuring out how we can adapt to his rhythm.” All in all, Dr.Photon is known to be a helpful and charming colleague, although his ability to see through walls required a settling-in period for his teammates.

The life of a rendering hero

Dr.Photon is a passionate proponent of technology, but also knows to cherish the simple things in life, like his 2D retro spaceship Pong-1. His ship is known across the universe, although it provoked a little dispute in the circle of experts with doing the Kessel Run in less than 10 parsecs.

But why is Dr.Photon so gracious to help us Revit users? Why does he approve the long commute of 400.000 light years? There are remaining questions and Dr.Photon is a master at storytelling and building suspense. There are many insights ahead, that’s for sure. Next time your’re looking at the night sky, look close! You’ll notice planet Threedee, the planet of effortless real-time rendering.

But of course – you’re not from planet Threedee. However with Enscape, you can feel Dr.Photons rendering powers too! Try it out and taste the rendering quality from outer space!

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