• Revit Plugin
  • SketchUp Plugin
  • Rhino Plugin
  • 360° Panorama and Video
  • Standalone executable export
  • Panorama web upload
  • Use on multiple machines
  • Fixed-Seat License
    $449 yearly
    $45 monthly

Enscape offers subscriptions only, which means you are always on an up-to-date version and it renews automatically.
You can cancel the montly licenses every month, yearly licenses every year. Prices are exclusive VAT. Click to read our EULA.


Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, please don’t hesitate to write us at licensing@enscape3d.com, we’re happy to help you!

Can I pay via invoice?

You can also pay via invoice. Just send us a mail with the desired quantity, and we’ll create a personalized offer for you.
You’ll receive the license key together with an invoice and order after accepting the offer.
If you have any questions, we can help you via mail or arrange a call with you.

What are the different license options?

A fixed-seat license is limited to one machine. To transfer it, use the revoke function in the about panel.

A floating license can be used on multiple machines, as long as the number of opened Enscape windows does
not exceed the number of licenses. Internet connection is required, but no additional manager. If there is no internet connection while you try to open Enscape, Enscape will start a 24 hour timeframe, counted on from the last successful validation. During this timeframe, you will be able to use Enscape as usual. If your computer still has no connection after 24 hours, or if your computer regains internet connection, but all of your seats are currently being used, Enscape will get watermarked.

Is there a student or academic license?

Click here to read about our student license offer.

Does my version always stay up to date?

You get a notification when starting Revit/SketchUp if a new Enscape version is available for download. Therefore, you always have the newest version, independent from when you bought your license.

How can I transfer my license to another machine?

You can revoke the license in the “About” panel. After doing so, you can re-enter the key on another machine.

How can I increase my seat count?

Please send an email to licensing@enscape3d.com including your company name and the email address associated with your original purchase. Europeans should also include their VAT ID.

How can I manage my license subscription?

Please navigate to the License Center. For further assistance please view this article in the knowledgebase.

How do I find my login credentials?

Please make sure you use the right credentials. If you cannot remember your password, please click Reset Password. For further assistance please view this article in the knowledgebase.

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