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New Era for Real-Time Visualization: See NVIDIA RTX-Powered Enscape at GTC

Enscape has utilized ray traced lighting and reflection calculations for years now and we’ve invested a tremendous amount of research to make existing ray tracing technology on the GPU real-time capable for architects.

With the advent of NVIDIA RTX, we’re about to reach whole new levels in terms of quality and performance, making it a game changer for customers who demand no compromises when it comes to accuracy and speed. NVIDIA RTX is one of the biggest innovations in computer graphics since the company introduced programmable shaders nearly two decades ago. NVIDIA Quadro and GeForce RTX GPUs feature new RT Cores to enable, for the first time, real-time ray tracing of objects and environments with physically accurate shadows, reflections, refractions and global illumination.

Find out more yourself and meet us in person at the 10th annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC) taking place March 18th-21st in San Jose, CA. We will be in booth #428 demonstrating the huge performance benefits NVIDIA RTX delivers to all of our Enscape users powered by a Lenovo ThinkStation P520 .



How Does the Enscape Magic Work?

NVIDIA RTX and Enscape

NVIDIA RTX and Enscape

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself in the past: why is Enscape so fast?

Enscape is based on our in-house developed OpenGL render engine. We use modern, GPU-driven rendering technology to handle even huge architectural projects: for example, airports or hospitals with more than even 100 million polygons and thousands of light sources. Based on their existing CAD data, physics-based lighting and materials allow our users to get very close to photorealistic renderings without wasting any time.

Enscape is one of the first renderers to use a hybrid path tracing approach to simulate accurate indirect lighting and reflections (global illumination). This means that we use “classic” screen space ray tracing techniques commonly used in games today but refine those results if required with true ray traced light interactions. This allows us to perform very fast global illumination calculations mostly independent from scene complexity that cover both small details and large-scale geometry.

GPU Technology Conference

Last year GTC brought together 8,400 attendees, including 158 exhibitors from 66 countries all over the world, with 900 sessions on various exciting topics. Do you still need more reasons to attend this year’s conference? Find out more here: 

Meet the Enscape-Team at booth 428!
Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, presenting at GTC

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, presenting at GTC

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