What’s New in Enscape?

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Enscape 2.9: Create Unique Design Experiences

What's New?

Enscape 2.9 offers you the opportunity to create unique design experiences. Include one-of-a-kind assets and accommodate to your individual needs via the Custom Asset Library. Additionally, features such as video textures, Displacement Maps, and fitness assets will allow you to expand your design options and add special touches to your project.

Custom Asset Library

The Custom Asset Library allows you to add tailor-made assets to your design. This expert feature is perfect for when you want to insert something from your own collection. Fulfil project expectations and benefit from a wider range of assets.

Video Textures

Create visual intrigue by adding video as a surface texture in your projects. This feature will allow you to apply animated televisions, monitors, and video screens so you can further illustrate reality in your projects.

Displacement Maps

Sharpen the level of detail in a scene with Displacement Maps. Give your designs a greater sense of depth from every angle and include self-shadowing without having to do any extra modeling work.

Fitness Assets

Lift your designs with new fitness-themed assets. With assets such as gym equipment and people exercising, you can fill your fitness studio project or outdoor neighborhood scene with life and detail.

Enscape 2.9 Benefits

Our new features empower you to create beautiful visuals in real time. They provide you with the option to ensure your designs include any and every asset you need to reach a new level of realism.

Custom Asset Library

  • Create customized assets to better suit your project
  • Add any and every asset your design requires
  • Fulfil corporate branding standards and meet personal expectations
Before After

Displacement Maps​

  • Add surface complexity without doing extra modeling work
  • Include self-shadowing for added volume
  • Ensure the level of detail looks great from every angle

Video Textures

  • Create lifelike scenes with working televisions and monitors
  • Navigate walkthroughs in a more realistic manner
  • Experiment with simulated fire and other animated surface ideas

Fitness Assets

  • Enhance realism by including people exercising in your fitness project 
  • Add further detail with gym equipment, accessories, and furnishings  
  • Test the working environment in a gym or fitness studio