Using the Feedback button

In the Enscape menu bar, you’ll find the Feedback button.

Feedback button in Revit:

Using the feedback button

Feedback button in SketchUp:

Feedback SketchUp

By clicking this button, you can write us a message and include logfiles. Your messages go straight to our support team who is on standby to help fix whatever troubles you might be encountering; and if we can’t fix it right away, your feedback lets us know where to focus our efforts to make the next version of Enscape the best it can be.


Which logfiles are being sent to Enscape?

No data about your project will be sent to us, only the Enscape logfiles containing technical information of any errors show up on our end. We also receive information about your system specifications, which can help us recommend a proper driver to get the most out of your Enscape experience.

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