The native SketchUp Materials only support a texture and a transparency value. Certain keywords in the SketchUp Material tell Enscape how to display it more realistically.

Keyword Explanation
Water, Ocean, River Draws the material as a water surface.
Vegetation, Foliage, Leaf Adds translucency to thin surfaces (single face)
Emissive Emissive material based on the material color.
Grass Realistic grass material based on the underlying surface color.

Those keywords change the material parameters without changing their color. The color is still defined by the SketchUp texture. The SketchUp default roughness is 1.0.

Keyword Roughness Specular Highlight
Glass, Glazing 0,0
Chrome, Mirror 0,0 Metal
Steel, Copper, Metal, Aluminium 0,3 Metal
Carpaint, Polished, Acryl 0,02
Ceramic 0,1
Marble 0,2
Plastic 0,5
Fabric, Cloth 0,8


Video tutorial

Have a look how different SketchUp materials look like:


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