Saving a screenshot

How do I save a screenshot?

With Enscape, you have two options:

  1. Save the current “native” image you see in the Enscape window. It’s really 1:1, pretty similar to a standard screenshot.
  2. Save the current image in a higher resolution to increase fidelity in print and digital images.

You’ll find both options in the Enscape Settings menu. For the second option, you can pick any resolution you want, but fair warning: if you enter extremely high resolutions like 4K, it might take a few seconds!

Saving a screenshot

After choosing the right settings, hit the screenshot button in the Enscape ribbon to trigger the screenshot or use the hot keys SHIFT + F11.

Saving a screenshot

How do I get the best quality in my screenshots?

  • Make sure you set the Rendering Quality slider to the maximum quality your system can handle without stuttering too much.
  • Enable Global Illumination. Without it, the rendering is faster, but might look odd.

All settings (e.g. Fog, Depth of Field, etc.) are the same for both screenshots and real time output.

Automatic screenshot naming

If you’d like to save several screenshots in a row, enable Automatic screenshot naming. You can then choose a folder where your screenshots will be saved by number in the filename in increasing order.

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