Enscape generally uses the following Appearance parameters:

  • Roughness / Glossiness
  • Bump map
  • Glossiness map
  • Cutout texture
  • Texture Offset, Scaling and Rotation
  • Tint
  • Metal Type
    • Metal finish variation
  • Image Fade
  • Self Illumination + Color Temperature
  • Stone/Hardwood/Metal Finish and Application
  • Self Illumination Map and Filter
  • Hardwood Tint


For the Glass material, the following parameters are translated:

  • Reflectivity
  • Roughness / Glossiness
  • Tint


By setting the material class to water, Enscape will render the material as animated water with refraction.

Unsupported Properties

  • Procedural generated textures

Material Test Project

Visit our Free Sample Revit Projects page to download a sample material test project and see how which materials are possible.


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