Materials in Revit

Revit Materials

Enscape generally uses the following Appearance parameters:

Roughness / Glossiness
Bump map
Glossiness map
Cutout texture
Texture Offset, Scaling and Rotation
Metal Type / Metal finish variation
Image Fade
Self Illumination + Color Temperature
Self Illumination Map and Filter
Hardwood Tint

New material classes available in Revit 2019 will be supported in an upcoming release.


By setting the material class to glass, Enscape will render the material as glass according to your settings.

Roughness / Glossiness


Special Materials

By setting the material class to water, Enscape will render the material as animated water with refraction and caustics.By including the word “Grass” in the material name, Enscape will render the material as actual grass blades, the color is being determined by the color / texture of the material, so you can also use it for, e.g., carpets.

Revit Materials Grass
WaterEnscape - Material Water


Unsupported properties

Procedural generated textures

Material test project

Visit our Free Sample Revit Projects page to download a sample material test project and see how which materials are possible.

Enscape Rendering Material Test


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