Release notes



  • Decals
  • Oculus Touch
  • Support inverted textures in texture parameters
  • Support all Revit glass materials texture parameters
  • Allow FPS configuration for capturing
  • Depth of Field transition for Video
  • More atmosphere settings
  • Add Oculus center button (to recalibrate height & orientation) via R-Key or Xbox-Controller ‘Back-Button’
  • Support textured transparent materials


  • Improved Polystyrol Quality
  • Better Clear Sky Model
  • Improve Panorama Resolution Setting
  • Video Automatic Bitrate (resolution, quality)
  • Improved shadows
  • Compatibility with other Add-Ins
  • Better performance
  • Set default roughness for alpha blended objects to 0.0


  • Papermodel Thickness is not constant across resolutions
  • Artifacts when leaving bounding box
  • Ceramic materials disregarding Finish Type
  • Access violation when recording video
  • Soundsources are rendered incorrectly
  • Switching rvt -> rfa -> rfa breaks view combobox
  • Setting new license code does not revoke the currently set license
  • Cascaded shadow artifacts on low framerate
  • UVs can be distorted
  • It’s possible to open multiple settings windows
  • Clipping Plane cuts off model
  • ‘Download latest version’ link has wrong description
  • Settings window closes unexpectedly when loading a preset (with different live camera setting)
  • Cloud artifacts
  • Buy Icon can be visible even with valid license
  • Doubleclick teleport sometimes buggy
  • Standalone export tries to copy empty texture paths
  • Enscape closing on Family ‘Load into project and close’
  • Issues with materials in linked projects
  • Colorizer Plugin preventing Enscape from initializing
  • Overlay icons are overlapping
  • Trial watermark says INVALID instead of TRIAL license
  • Camera jumps to starting point after turning CameraSync On
  • Video recorder crashes ‘Could not allocate picture’
  • Nearby artificial lights flicker when changing time of day
  • Should not install dynamic content into %ProgramData%
  • Walking fast results in twitching
  • When Movement Speed is low, Stairs can no longer be climbed
  • Vertical water surfaces show artifacts at refraction
  • Can activate capturing while HMD is active
  • Horizon artifacts at panorama capture
  • Glowing vegetation in indoor areas

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