Performance considerations

This article addresses potential problems with low frame rates. If you are experiencing increased loading times, please read Loading Time Optimization.

Why do I have a low refresh rate?

There are several reasons why your frames-per-second rate might be too small, causing single frames to be strongly noticeable.

  1. Your computer is too weak

    Enscape is rendered GPU only, so you might consider to invest in a faster GPU, e.g. an NVIDIA GTX 980 for a free-flowing experience.

  2. Your project is too large

    Usually it’s not the project size that is the issue but rather the project containing a lot of fine tessellated geometry such as pipes, cables, and furniture, or lots of high-res textures. All this might be overwhelming your computer. Try to hide elements in your project, especially small but detailed things.

  3. Your rendering window is too big

    You can increase your rendering speed simply by dragging the corner of the Enscape window to make it smaller. This reduces the amount of rendered pixels, increasing rendering speed.

In  general, if you’re experiencing performance issues, try setting the Rendering Quality slider in the ‘General’ settings tab to a lower value. This can often times boost performance through turning off some of the more expensive rendering features.

Rendering Quality Slider

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