Materials in Rhino


Enscape for Rhino supports only basic (Rhino 5) or custom (Rhino 6) materials, no blend or composite material are supported at the moment. Certain keywords in the Rhino material name tell Enscape how to display it more realisticly.


Water, Ocean, RiverDraws the material as a water surface.
Vegetation, Foliage, LeafAdds translucency to thin surfaces (single face).
GrassRealistic grass material based on the underlying surface color.
Chrome, Mirror, Steel, Copper, Metal, AluminumAdds a metallic look to the material.
Frosted (solid glass)Creates a frosted glass (depending on Roughness)


The following picture indicates the possible properties for basic materials that can be changed in the material editor of Rhino. Areas that have a white overlay are not supported or not available at the moment.

This image shows how textures can be adjusted in the Rhino material editor for Enscape. Output Adjustment is currently not supported in any Rhino versions. UVs always relate to the Mapping Channel = 1, even if you choose another channel.

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