Materials in ArchiCAD

Surface Materials

Enscape interprets the material parameters of ArchiCAD’s Basic Engine. By adding certain keywords to the name of your material you define parameters for the Enscape rendering engine and how the material is to be displayed.

Keywords for special materials

Water, Ocean, River Draws the material as a water surface with type according waves.
Vegetation, Foliage, Leaf Adds translucency to thin surfaces (single face).
Short Grass, Grass, Tall Grass, Wild Grass Realistic grass material based on the underlying surface color.

Water keywords for different waves

Keyword Water

Keyword Ocean

Keyword River

Grass keywords for different grass blade lengths

Keyword Short Grass

Keyword Grass

Keyword Tall Grass

Keyword Wild Grass

Parameter Changes

Adding these keywords will change the material parameters without changing their color. The color is defined by either the selected texture or by the selected surface color.

Special parameter keywords

Chrome, Mirror 0,0 Metal
Steel, Copper, Metal, Aluminium 0,3 Metal

Supported Surface Material settings

In the Exposure To Light settings of the surface material editor, you have the possibility to tweak some of the appearance parameters of your selected material.

Surface settings in ArchiCAD


The transparency of your material can be modified by adjusting the Transmittance.

Transmittance slider within the surface settings of ArchiCAD


Tweaking the Shininess will define the intensity of the reflection of your material.

Shininess slider within the surface settings of ArchiCAD


Adjusting the value under Specular, will modify the intensity of the specular reflection of the material.

Specular slider within the surface settings of ArchiCAD


Choose which color you want to be emitted from the selected surface by altering the Emission Color and by adjusting the intensity of the emission with the Attenuation controls.

Attenuation slider within the surface settings of ArchiCAD


You can apply ordinary surface textures to your surface material within the Texture dialogue window. Should the applied texture contain transparency, simply check the box for Transparency in the Alpha Channel Effects.

Texture settings within the ArchiCAD surface settings

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