Loading time optimization

For some projects, Enscape’s loading time can take up to a few minutes.

How can I decrease the loading time?

Loading time is determined by how long it takes for Revit or SketchUp to communicate the content of your project. Therefore, the more complex your project is in Revit or SketchUp, the longer it may take for Enscape to load. To shorten loading times, try the following:

  1. Define a cross section of the important / interesting parts of your projects. The rest will not be transferred to Enscape, saving you time.
  2. Hide small yet detailed objects, such as cables, triggers, pipes, etc.
  3. Use a faster SSD for your Revit/SketchUp installation and project files.
  4. Upgrade your computer. Exporting time is limited by your CPU and hard disk speed.
  5. Download the newest version of Enscape. We’re continuously working on improving the loading time. If you’re having difficulties with loading times, use the “Send Feedback” button in Enscape to let us know. We rely on your feedback to make sure we’re giving you the best Enscape experience. So please, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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