Installer Program Options


Consider the following Syntax.

[start /w] msiexec.exe /i Enscape.msi [/quiet ACCEPTEULA=1] [SKIPREQUIREMENTS=1] [ALLUSERS=0|1] [INSTALLLOCATION="Drive:\Path\To\Installation Directory"] [INSTALLLEVEL=0 ADDLOCAL=Enscape[,ArchiCAD][,Rhino][,Revit][,SketchUp]]

Here is the breakdown of the available options and what they refer to.

  • start /w Wait for installer process termination – This is not a program option, but a recommended windows feature
  • /quiet Install silently (Do not show GUI) (ATTENTION: If /quiet is specified, [ALLUSERS] must be specified as well. Be careful: With [ALLUSERS] as elevated privileges are required, and the process will not be able to elevate itself. Thus, running msiexec.exe with only the /quiet switch will fail.)
  • [ACCEPTEULA=0|1] – Set to 1, the EULA will be automatically accepted. Set to 0 will require the user confirms acceptance of the EULA via a pop-up.
  • [SKIPREQUIREMENTS=0|1] – Set to 1 will skip the requirements dialogue window.
  • [ALLUSERS=0|1] – If set to 0, Enscape will only be installed for the currently logged in user. Set to 1 Enscape will be installed for all users.
  • [INSTALLLOCATION=] – Here you can set the path to the directory where you would like to install Enscape.
  • [INSTALLLEVEL=0|1] – If set to 1 all the sub-features of Enscape will be installed. If set to 0 only the Enscape main feature will be installed. You can then append this command with:
      • ADDLOCAL=Enscape[,ArchiCAD][,Rhino][,Revit][,SketchUp] – to install additional sub features.


Consider the following two example lines of installation command:

To perform a silent installation for all users to “C:\Program Files\Enscape” you would use the following:

start /w msiexec.exe /i Enscape.msi /quiet ACCEPTEULA=1 ALLUSERS=1 INSTALLLOCATION="C:\Program Files\Enscape"

For a silent installation of Enscape with only the Sketchup plugin for the current user:
start /w msiexec.exe /i Enscape.msi /quiet ACCEPTEULA=1 ALLUSERS=0 INSTALLLEVEL=0 ADDLOCAL=Enscape,SketchUp

The second example will silently install Enscape to “C:\My Programs\Enscape” for the current user. No “EULA” window will be displayed. The plugin will be installed for SketchUp. No admin privileges will be required.

In regards to uninstaller options with the MSI, for when you want to uninstall Enscape versions prior to version 2.6, please click here.

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