Installer Program Options

Please note that these options are not available before v2.1!

[start /w] Enscape-Setup.exe [/S] (/CurrentUser|/AllUsers) [/Revit=0|1] [/Sketchup=0|1] [/Rhino=0|1] [/SuppressFirstStepsWindow=1] [/SuppressUpdateNotifications=1] [/SuppressGraphicsDriverWarning=1] [/SuppressRevitVersionWarning=1] [/D=Drive:\Path\To\Installation Directory]
  • start /w Wait for installer process termination – This is not a program option, but a recommended windows feature
  • /S Install silently (Do not show GUI) (Be careful: As /AllUsers is the default option, the process will require elevated privileges and will not be able to elevate itself. Thus, running Enscape-Setup.exe with only the /S switch in a non elevated environment will fail.)
  • /CurrentUser Install for current user only (no privileges required) (Either /AllUsers or /CurrentUser is required)
  • /AllUsers Install for all users (privileges required) (Either /AllUsers or /CurrentUser is required)
  • /Revit=0|1 (1: Install Revit Plugin (default), 0: Do not install Revit Plugin)
  • /Sketchup=0|1 (1: Install SketchUp Plugin (default), 0: Do not install SketchUp Plugin)
  • /Rhino=0|1 (1: Install Rhino Plugin (default), 0: Do not install Rhino Plugin)
  • /SuppressFirstStepsWindow=1 Do not show the first steps window
  • /SuppressUpdateNotifications=1 Do not show a notification if a newer version is available
  • /SuppressGraphicsDriverWarning=1 Do not show a warning if graphics drivers are outdated
  • /SuppressRevitVersionWarning=1 Do not show a warning if Revit version is unsupported
  • /D=Drive:\Path\To\Installation Directory Determines the installation path for Enscape – If used, must be the last option (must not be succeeded by any other option), Do not use quotes!


start /w Enscape-Setup.exe /S /CurrentUser /Rhino=0 /SuppressFirstStepsWindow=1 /D=C:\My Programs\Enscape

Will silently install Enscape to “C:\My Programs\Enscape” for the current user. No “first steps window” will be displayed. The plugin will not be installed for Rhino. No admin privileges are required.

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