Entourage and RPC Content

By default, Enscape automatically replaces the sample set of RPCs that’s being shipped with Revit by 3D models that simply work better in 3D space.
This replacement is fixed and can not be altered by the user.

A great way to check which content is being exchanged by Enscape is to download the RPC Test Project. 

RPC PEOPLE in enscape

Many Enscape users have asked about Entourage and RPC content within Enscape. If you want to use more RPC then it is well within your grasp. If you’re looking to place more people, cars, and trees within your projects then this will help you make your projects burst with life: When using Enscape all Archvision RPC content is supported. All it takes is to uncheck a single setting in the Enscape settings and restart Enscape once.

When you add something to your project it will instantly show in your Enscape visualization.

What you need to know about using RPC and Archvision:

  • Go to the Enscape Settings then click on the Advanced tab
  • You will see an option “Replace Archvision Content”
  • When unchecked then it will use the standard Archvision RPC but you will have to restart the program for the changes to take effect.
  • It is checked by default and it will use our provided 3D models

archvision enscape settings

Archvision Watermarked RPC

If you’ve tried using Archvision content without an Archvision subscription, Archvision content will show up with a watermark (red stripes going through it) If you now have a subscription to Archvision then it will become unmarked in Revit but not in Enscape, and the reason for this is that Enscape buffers textures (including RPC) into this folder:


Delete the contents of this folder, restart Enscape and Enscape will then recreate the buffered content. This means your Archvision content will no longer have the watermark.

RPC Creator

Archvision has a beta version for a 3D+ RPC creator that will make it possible for you to create your own 3D+RPC content from regular 3D models. This was something that was not available before, so give it a look and learn more.


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