Control and Input

Keyboard Shortcuts

Scroll (Mouse wheel) Move camera forward or backward
Press (Mouse wheel) Move camera upwards or downwards
Left mouse button Rotate camera
Q Move camera downwards
E Move camera upwards
W / Up Arrow Move camera forward
S / Down Arrow Move camera backward
A / Left Arrow Move camera to the left
D / Right Arrow Move camera to the right
SPACE Toggle between FlyMode and WalkMode
SHIFT Move camera fast
CTRL Move camera faster
SHIFT + CTRL Move camera very fast
NumPad 5 Top View
NumPad 2 Front View (set direction of view to project north)
NumPad 8 Back View (set direction of view to project south)
NumPad 4 Left View (set direction of view to project east)
NumPad 6 Right View (set direction of view to project west)
NumPad 0 Jump to view’s initial position


Sun position
Right mouse button + Move / U / I Adjust time of day
SHIFT + U / I Change the solar angle


H Hide instructions in Enscape window
R Oculus recenter


Xbox Controls

The Xbox controller is automatically activated once is is connected to your computer using the Xbox wireless dongle or cable.

Left-Thumb-Axis / D-Pad Move
Left-Thumb-Button Increase movement speed
Right-Thumb-Axis Look around
Right-Thumb-Button Center view
Left / Right Trigger Fly Down / Up
A Toggle between FlyMode and WalkMode
Left / Right Shoulder Adjust time of day
Y Noon
B Midnight
Start Show / Hide instructions
Back button Oculus recenter






Virtual reality

You find the controls for virtual reality here.

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