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Using the Enscape settings tab “Customization”, you have the option to adapt your Enscape window. Also, all customization changes will affect Enscape standalone files you create.

Enscape Customization Settings

How to customize the Enscape window

You have various options to adapt your Enscape window:

Loading Screen

Select a file (png, jpg, tga) to be used as  Enscape loading screen, see example.
The recommended resolution is connected to your current screen resolution and aspect ratio.

If you have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, we’ll recommend the same resolution for the used file.

Example of a custom loading screen for Encsape

User Interface Overlay

Select a file to be shown as an on-screen overlay in the Enscape window. This could be your company logo and the name of the working architect, as seen in the example. Additionally, the overlay will be contained in screenshots you create.

Example of a custom onscreen overlay for Enscape

Window Icon

Select a file to be used as the window icon instead of the Enscape icon. The file has to be an Icon File (*.ico).

  • This option changes Enscape’s window icon. It affects any icon related to the Enscape window, including
    • The icon in the upper-left corner,
    • The task bar icon,
    • Other Enscape window related icons.
  • It affects Enscape when used from inside your CAD software and the standalone alike.
  • It also replaces the standalone’s file icon.

A customized Icon for the Standalone file

Customized Window Caption text

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