Virtual Reality in Architectural Design

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Modern and innovative architects always try to add more value for clients. Virtual reality is their the key for more immerse and interactive presentations. How else can customers perceive their projects up close, feel changes in spatial planning immediately and walk through projects themselves?

Even though virtual reality has been around for some years, it was video gaming that pushed it as a mainstream option. Notable firms such as KPF, Foster + Partners, ARUP, LHB, and Hassell have chosen virtual reality with the Enscape plugin to optimize their workflow and presentations. 83% of the Top100 architectural firms are using Enscape for Real-Time Rendering and virtual reality.

Fully Immersive 3D Experience

Experience a building before it’s built. With virtual reality you create an immersive experience that touches clients emotionally and presents architectural ideas in the best way possible. Inspire your customers with the ease of navigation and high frame rates.


As the cost of headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Microsoft Mixed Reality have dropped significantly, it is now an option for all modern architects and designers.

VR with Just One Click!

You can start virtual reality directly from your project in Revit, SketchUp, Rhino or ArchiCAD: no need to upload or change your workflow. Architects and designers get a better feel for the project and enhance their productivity and iteration process.


Navigating through your model is easy. Select view from favorites and take screenshots from within virtual reality. Presenting and reviewing projects has never been easier.

Works With

Fast and Affordable Rendering in No Time

Enscape accelerates your workflows to lightning speeds, thanks to a real-time link and super-fast rendering times. Render in seconds, not hours.

No Training Required

The simplicity of Enscape has made it a favorite for many firms. Enscape doesn’t require any extra training; start it alongside your CAD program and create stunning renderings in a flash.

Efficient Collaboration

Make sure all of your designers are on the same page, especially when a client presentation is in the works. The live updates make it possible to incorporate and visualize client feedback instantly.

A Community of Designers

By using Enscape, you also gain access to our community of remarkable users. Our forum provides an open space to discuss requests and best practices with your peers and our support and development teams.

Take on projects of epic proportions

With Enscape being able to smoothly navigate even our largest models, we are able to experience any stage of design in real-time with stunning quality and realism.
Paul Renner | BIM Practice Specialist
by KPF

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