Equip your team


Optimize your team’s design and visualization workflows with top-notch real-time rendering and virtual reality technology. Fully leverage Enscape floating licenses with features such as the Asset Library, the Material Library, and the Material Editor to create high-quality renders and to experience seamless collaboration.

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Communicate Your Ideas

Benefit from an integrated design and visualization workflow. Create photorealistic renders and bring concepts to life.

With Enscape being able to smoothly navigate even our largest models, we are able to experience any stage of design in real-time with stunning quality and realism.

Paul McCreanor
BIM Practice Specialist

Make Better Decisions Faster

Iterate effectively with the ability to see and evaluate design decisions in real time. Easily share results with your team, partners, and clients.

It evolutionized our process. We find that we can get to decision points earlier. We find that we can extend the length of time that we’re spending on design.

Bob Shemwell
Senior Prinicipal

Win More Work

Explore your design in the compelling realism of virtual reality. Set your firm apart by giving clients an unparalleled design experience.

Now, with Enscape, our clients are amazed with what we show them. They are able to actually experience their project before it is even built. Enscape helps us to do a better job.

Devin Canton
Associate & BIM Manager
HMFH Architects


A floating license can be used on multiple machines. You can activate it on as many machines as you like and switch freely between them. The total amount of opened Enscape windows cannot exceed the number of seats you purchased (one seat equals one license). ​
It’s a convenient and time-saving option for teams who don’t want to constantly activate and deactivate licenses.
You’ll always be up to date with the latest software version and features.
Your team will have the flexibility to switch freely between multiple machines.
You can access expert support from our friendly Customer Service team who are there for you.

Floating License

Most popular for teams
$ 67 90/ month
Billed annually

  • Full version license that can be shared on multiple machines

Streamline Your Design Workflow

Fully leverage the benefits of Enscape floating licenses

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