In General

Enscape allows for quick and flexible visualizations of projects while still maintaining high quality. Many firms are now benefiting from it and the software has alleviated many of the problems associated with architectural rendering. Not only does it alleviate the problems, it also makes it easier to give clients a walk-through of their future buildings. This is not just visualization but an experience that clients will appreciate.

Enscape Advantages

Grass enscape gifEnscape is a simple, and easy to use plugin for computer assisted design software which allows the creation of high-quality renderings of architectural projects in 3D and Virtual Reality with a single click.  The advantages include:

  • Integrated right into Revit and SketchUp
  • Requires no extra training to use
  • Can be easily incorporated into existing workflows
  • Assists in the design process with its real-time rendering capabilities
  • Easily accommodates any change requests made by the client during a presentation
  • Good value compared to other rendering solutions


Enscape is a plug-in for Revit and SketchUp that doesn’t require you to exit from your current software. You can click on the Enscape tab to instantly open up the software directly through Revit and SketchUp. No more waiting for another program to open, and then having to wait for a rendering to be finished. With Enscape it is done in a matter of seconds.

No Additional Training Required

Architects needed a way in which they could quickly and fully express the potential of their designs, without being hindered by overly complex interfaces or being flooded with an extreme number of options. The beauty of using Enscape is the fact that it doesn’t require any extra training. The simplicity of Enscape has made it a favorite for many firms.

“We like how Enscape doesn’t feel like another application. Nobody has time to learn another complicated rendering application. Enscape is just another tab inside Revit.”-Kimberly Fuhrman, LSC Design

Using Enscape

Enscape delivers high-quality output at a single click—any model from Revit or SketchUp can be fully visualized. The renderings are done quickly without the need to wait around forever for a rendering. The time-consuming aspect of rendering gets eliminated by Enscape. This opens the flood gates for productivity and workflow boosts. Flexibility in the design process, especially in the concept phase, is quite useful. It is also useful as a presentation tool, allowing clients who have no architectural or design experience to request changes while viewing a model, and it will happen in real time. This gives a client full comprehension and appreciation for the project. It also helps remove any doubts they may have about what the finished project will look like.

Changes to the local environment of the project, such as lighting or atmosphere, and access to alternative visualization modes such as polystyrol or paper mode are easily accessible in a compact menu. Once your desired result is achieved, exporting the finished project as a .exe file for presentations is possible at a moment’s notice.


Good Value

Using external rendering services are often expensive, and allows for little quality control. Most software solutions may seem inexpensive at first until you begin to calculate how long it actually takes for employees to learn brand new software. It’s time-consuming to get new software to smoothly fit into standard workflows, particularly for smaller businesses. Enscape offers savings both in terms of direct cost and of cost of learning and operating it. There are different types of licenses availabe:

  • Fixed seat licenses for smaller businesses or individual users are available and can be paid on a yearly or monthly basis
  • Student licenses are available, giving the future of the industry access to the best tools

The Solution

Enscape solves the challenges associated with architectural rendering; it provides high-quality renderings with a single click and requires very little effort to use. How do other firms use Enscape? Currently, about 88% of the world’s top 50 Architectural firms are using it. Kohn Pedersen Fox and Vocon have shared their experiences working with Enscape.  It makes presenting to clients an easy and simple task. The clients also don’t just stare at images, they experience the entire design for themselves with a walkthrough. Furthermore, it helps architects to spend more time designing and less time using a complicated and cumbersome software. The real-time link and speed of rendering removes the need for lengthy rendering processes, or external rendering services, and allows client requests to be instantly incorporated and visualized. Enscape is the real-time rendering solution.

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