Control and Input

Keyboard Shortcuts

Control Binding Result
Scroll (Mouse wheel) Move camera forward or backward
Press (Mouse wheel) Move camera sideways, upwards or downwards
Left mouse button Rotate camera
Left mouse button – double click Teleport to cursor position
Right mouse button Hold right mouse button to orbit around cursor position
Q Move camera downwards while in FlyMode
E Move camera upwards while in FlyMode
W / Up Arrow Move camera forward
S / Down Arrow Move camera backwards
A / Left Arrow Move camera to the left
D / Right Arrow Move camera to the right
SPACE Toggle between FlyMode and WalkMode
SHIFT Move camera fast
CTRL Move camera faster
SHIFT + CTRL Move camera very fast
NumPad 5 Top View
NumPad 2 Front View (set direction of view to project north)
NumPad 8 Back View (set direction of view to project south)
NumPad 4 Left View (set direction of view to project east)
NumPad 6 Right View (set direction of view to project west)
NumPad 0 Return to the currently selected Named View
PageUp / PageDown Previous View / Next View
Sun Position
Control Binding Result
Right mouse button + SHIFT or U/I Adjust time of day
SHIFT + U / I Change the solar angle
CTRL + U / I Change the solar rotation
HOME / Pos1 Reset sun position modification
Control Binding Result
V Enter Video Editor
K Add video keyframe
P Begin Preview from current Keyframe
Esc Exit Preview/Keyframe Editor/Video Editor
Control Binding Result
M Show/Hide MiniMap
Scroll (Mouse wheel) over MiniMap Zoom in/out in MiniMap
R Recenter position in Virtual Reality
H Show/Hide instructions in Enscape window
B Show/Hide BIM information window
C Show/Hide Enscape Collaboration Tool
Esc This will generally allow you to close out of most windows, such as the Visual Settings window

Input Controls in Enscape

You can adjust the mouse speed and movement, spectator height, width, and movement speed, as well as invert the X and Y Axis of the mouse or game controller by opening the Renderer Window Settings’ dialog and select its Input section.

Input Controls

Input Controls

Xbox Controls

Control Binding Result
Left-Thumb-Axis Move
Left-Thumb-Button (press) Increase movement speed
Right-Thumb-Axis Look around
Right-Thumb-Button (press) Center view
Left / Right Trigger Fly Down / Up
A Toggle between FlyMode and WalkMode
Left / Right Shoulder Adjust time of day
Y Noon
B Midnight
Start Show / Hide instructions
Back button Recenter position in Virtual Reality
D-Pad up/down next/previous view
X-Box Controller bindings

X-Box Controller bindings



SpaceMouse bindings

SpaceMouse bindings

Virtual Reality

You find the controls for virtual reality here.

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