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 In Enscape Exports, General

Whether you’re new to Enscape  or just in need of a guide on how to create a video then we’ve created both a video and short rundown of what you need to do. Creating videos  within Enscape is a great way to show off your projects, but also help you with the design process. It will help you learn how to create screen recorded fly-throughs for your clients, or for your colleagues. Get ready to make a video in Enscape.

  1. 5 Easy Steps To Create A Video
  2. Time Lapse Effect
  3. Resolution
  4. More Settings
  5. Noise Reduction Quality


5 Simple Steps to Create a Video

Video creation in Enscape is easy. It’s a matter of knowing what you want to show, and where you want the video to begin and end. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to make a video in Enscape:

  1. Move to a position that you want your video to start from
  2. Once you picked the position you can click on the Set Start Position button
  3. Then move your position to where you’d like your video to end
  4. Then click Set Stop Position
  5. Now you can click the Preview Video button to see the video you just created

These are covered right in the beginning of our tutorial video. Once you are done making your video you can then export  it, but let’s go over some of the other settings.

Time Lapse Effect

In the video, you can learn how to do a time lapse effect by playing with the time of day while making your Enscape video. So you simply follow the steps above, but between when you Start and End the video, you move the time of day forward so you can have a nice time lapse as the clouds move, and the sun slowly goes down. Gives it a lovely effect, and can also show the way light and shadows  show in your design. To change the time of day just follow these three steps:

  1. Get to the position that will show the sky properly
  2. Press the Shift key and right click on your mouse
  3. Now move the mouse to the right

This will get the clouds moving and the sunlight to slowly dim, giving the video a great visual. You can find this at about 0:47 in the video.


With Enscape you will find that you have many options for resolutions for your video. We normally stick with 1080p as that makes it full HD, but you can choose another resolution or even customize it to better suit your needs. Find this at 1:48 in the video.

Enscape video resolution

More Video Settings

In the Enscape settings  and still within the Capture tab you will find more settings that you can choose from. One of the first ones you will see is the Compression Quality slide bar (1:58). Changing this can improve the overall quality of the image, but it will slightly increase the video size–it won’t affect the rendering time though. You can change the Duration(2:12) of the video which is measured in length in seconds from start to end position. You can change the frames per second (FPS 2:27) a higher FPS might be useful if you’d like to add slow motion to the video you’re creating when using post editing software. Another one of the unique parts in the Interpolation (2:37). You have three choices:

  1. Linear which will have an equal speed for the duration of the video
  2. Smooth which will start slow, speed up a bit, and then slow down towards the end
  3. Handy-cam which will give it a somewhat shaky more candid feel

video settings

Noise Reduction Quality

Enscape does everything in its power to ensure that every rendering and video you make has the best quality . but if you’re looking for a bit more of a push you can play with the Noise Reduction Quality slider. Take note that the higher the quality of noise reduction the longer it will take for your video to export. One of our team members ran a little test on his computer that has a GTX 1060 Graphics card to see how long it might take with some of the different levels and here are the results measured in minutes and seconds on how long it took to export the video:

  1. With the Noise Reduction Quality completely off, it took 2:26
  2. With it set to Medium it took 7:02
  3. With it set to Ultra it took 21:57

This is something to keep in mind when exporting your videos. You now have a basic rundown of how to create a video in Enscape, have fun creating!