HMFH Architects: Enscape helps us to do a better job

“Because of Enscape we are able to deliver a better product quality.” Devin Canton | Associate and BIM Manger | HMFH Architects | Cambridge, Massachusetts – United States HMFH Architects improved [...]

LIVE Design Group: The Earlier We Engage Our Clients The Better The Outcome

“When we discovered Enscape it changed our world!” Craig Krawczyk | Principal | LIVE Design Group Who’s Craig? I have a bachelors degree in Architecture from Auburn University (1997). [...]

LSC Design: Higher Quality, Lower Cost and Faster.

“From massing studies to finished renderings, Enscape allows us to completely integrate the design process like never before.” Kimberly Fuhrman | BIM Manager | LSC Design   Who Are Kimberly [...]

Cayas Architects: Clients only want to see the progress in Enscape

“Cayas Architects was able to save 75% of their time to produce 3D visualizations by using Enscape” Jeremy Ward | Building Designer | Cayas Architects | Brisbane – Australia Cayas [...]

Connor Gatzke: If You’re Using Revit It Only Makes Sense To Use Enscape.

“Enscape gives you the advantage of spending more time designing and exploring.” Connor Gatzke | Architectural Student | Iowa State U   Who’s Connor? I’m a second-generation Revit [...]

Aspen Group: Revit Is Great For Coordinating; Enscape Is Great For Inspiring

“We were not doing renderings in Revit prior to Enscape. We simply didn’t have time to push the rendering button and wait.” Dave Wilde | VDC Operations | Aspen Group   Who’s Dave? I’m [...]

WGM Design: Enscape helps us communicate & experience our designs like never before

“Enscape could replace any rendering engine for interiors visualization.” Nick Craver | WGM Design | Charlotte, NC   Who’s Nick? I’m an architect and 3D BIM specialist with WGM Design in [...]

Kohn Pedersen Fox: A New Way To Experience BIM

“Enscape not only cuts down on hours spent producing renderings, but is offering project teams the ability to instantly experience the spaces they are designing while they work.” Ian Siegel and [...]

Hensel Phelps Construction: No more Complicated Workflow – Enscape is a total game changer

“Rendering is dead. We need to visualize, explore and discover from any and every angle.” Richard Lopez | VDC Manager | Hensel Phelps     Who’s Richard? I work in Denver Colorado as the [...]

Stephenson Engineering Ltd: Virtual Mock-Ups and Rapid Design Iteration

“Enscape breaks the shackles of 2D rendering & animation.” Kathy Kajaks | Associate, BIM-CAD Manager | Stephenson Engineering Ltd     Who’s Alex? I’m a VDC engineer for [...]

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