Architectural Presentations with Enscape

The presentation is an important part of the architectural process. You spend a long time designing and perfecting the project–you want that to shine through to the client. Architectural presentations can become second nature to many professionals in the industry. The end of the design process is always the same, the client will want to […]

How To Create a Video in Enscape

Whether you’re new to Enscape or just in need of a guide on how to create a video then we’ve created both a video and short rundown of what you need to do. Creating videos within Enscape is a great way to show off your projects, but also help you with the design process. It […]

Enscape Version 2.0.2 Released

Faster rendering Since the release of Enscape Version 2.0 we have made some new updates to better the overall Enscape experience. With Enscape 2.0.1, we introduced the Automatic Resolution feature. This feature is essential in getting the smoothest and most fluid image possible. If for some reason your system isn’t able to handle the visuals during […]

Why Use Enscape?

Enscape allows for quick and flexible visualizations of projects while still maintaining high quality. Many firms are now benefiting from it and the software has alleviated many of the problems associated with architectural rendering. Not only does it alleviate the problems, it also makes it easier to give clients a walk-through of their future buildings. […]

Enscape Version 2.0 Released

With Enscape Version 2.0’s release, we are taking a big step towards exceptional visual quality and realism. Both Revit and SketchUp versions are updated so no matter which program you prefer to use, the new features are now available. New features include real geometry grass, trees, better lighting, and much more. Watch the video and […]

Enscape for SketchUp released!

Enscape, the real time rendering plugin you (hopefully) love, now works with SketchUp! If you already know Enscape for Revit, you’ll feel right at home. It has the same one click functionality and updates your Enscape scene as you modify your project in SketchUp. You also have the same export options such as 360° panoramas and the […]

BILT Asia 2017 in Singapore

BILT ASIA 2017 This year, we attended a variety of events as both exhibitors and as visitors. This march, we traveled to Singapore to meet with a lot of Enscape users we haven’t met before. It was a great opportunity to see what’s going on in different AEC areas and to see how people progress […]

Version 1.9 Released

Finally, Enscape 1.9 is here! This took some time due to the amount of things we wanted to include. We took a critical look at every aspect and asked ourselves how we can incorporate your feedback and ideas. Have a look at the video and read about the details below: New Features and Improvements Decals We […]

Version 1.7 Released

I’m excited to tell you that after a couple months, we once again released a new version of Enscape full of improvements and additions! The last months were unbelievable, we got the chance to meet many of you in person at the RTC North America and RTC Europe. So thanks a lot for the valuable […]

Architectural Rendering Glossary

The field of computer graphics is developing very fast. The wording is becoming more and more complex, leading to misunderstandings in technical discussions among architects and other rendering enthusiasts. We want to explain the most important, recent concepts so that you can get the most out of your architecture designs. General Explanations Rendering The term […]

Who is Dr.Photon?

Many times, people ask us: “Where does the power behind Enscape come from? Is this all real and man-made?“, which is indeed a tricky question. We agreed on not telling the truth, to conceal one of our allies in fighting the menace of slow rendering. Until now. Truth be told, we received help. Help from a […]

RTC NA 2016 – Learnings, Presentations, Parties

Last week we visited the Revit Technology Conference North America in Scottsdale (near Phoenix) Arizona. Partnering with Read|Thomas and Bimstore we had the most interesting booth with most visitors at the whole RTC. Having a look at our booth, it is not hard to imagine why: Inviting Speakers for a Drink Already the first evening […]

Version 1.6. Update with new features and improved graphics

The main improvements of version 1.6 are focused on increasing the user’s options to customize the project scene. For a detailed list of changes take a look at our Knowledgebase. Exposure In the “General” setting tab you now have additional settings for accurate manual Exposure. The auto exposure setting, which is activated by default, automatically adjusts the […]

Live Renderers. The Freedom Our Designs Deserve – Morrow Brady | McAdam Design

A new generation of rendering has arrived that surpasses traditional rendering methods. Live renderers offer the flexibility and speed that the design industry needs along with the freedom for designers to fully immerse themselves within their projects. Traditionally, renders were generated from setting a static camera view within a 3D computer model. To be successful, […]

Version 1.5 Update with New and Improved Workflow

Enscape™ ( version 1.5 was released this week with improved features and workflow. Just a few of the highlights: Photometric Lights: Lighting fixtures use real IES light profiles for extra realism. Sun Path: Revit’s date and world location is used to simulate sun angles Faster and Better Graphics: More fluid experience with less noise, better reflections on glass and water. […]

Real-time Architectural Rendering Woes: The Stress of Waiting Coupled with the Uncertainty of Result

Real-Time Architectural Rendering: Suppose you need a high resolution architectural rendering of the image above – something that you intend to print and put on a 30 x 42 board for customer meeting. Can you accurately predict what the final image will look like once rendered? How long would you expect to wait for the rendering […]

Revit Rendering at the Speed of Now: Read | Thomas Proudly Partners with Inreal Technologies GmbH

Revit Rendering. I’ve stopped rendering. Enscape™ does in seconds what takes hours and more and I’m never pushing the Revit rendering button again. Never will I spend countless and thankless hours with Revit renderings: Tracking “Cloud Credits” Cancelling renderings mid-render after realizing something was missed. Exporting from Revit to send to a 3D specialist only […]

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