Integrated design and visualization

See every change to your model instantly visualized in Enscape

Quickly validate ideas

Explore how ideas would work in reality with real-time rendering and virtual walkthroughs

Speed up decision making

Help clients understand design options and make decisions with confidence

Simple to use

Render and visualize with incredible ease



BIM and Real-Time Rendering

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin that
integrates into building modeling software, providing a unified
visualization and design workflow across all project phases. It is
compatible with BIM tools Revit, Archicad, and Vectorworks, and CAD
tools SketchUp and Rhino.

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Works with

With Enscape, you get to stay inside the comfort zone of designing inside SketchUp with real-time powered visualization capabilities at your side all the time.
I love how smooth and fast this process can be with Enscape.
Ronen Bekerman
Ronen BekermanCo-Founder & Manager, The Craft
It evolutionized our process. We find that we can get to decision points earlier. We find that we can extend the length of time that we’re spending on design.

Bob Shemwell
Bob ShemwellSenior Principal

Letting the clients walk around the building has the potential to save them a lot of money further down the line as they know what they are getting beforehand.

Paul McCreanor
Paul McCreanorDirector
McCreanor and Co. Architects

With Enscape being able to smoothly navigate even our largest models , we are able to experience any stage of design in real-time with stunning quality and realism.

Paul Renner
Paul RennerBIM Practice Specialist

Design is always an iterative process, but Enscape has made it a dynamic one at Turner Fleischer: the tools we use can now keep-up with our creativity, allowing quick decision making and letting our clients instantly see the impact of their choices.
Steve Nonis
Steve NonisPrincipal
Turner Fleischer Architects Inc

Now, with Enscape, our clients are amazed with what we show them. They are able to actually experience their project before it is even built. Enscape helps us to do a better job.

Devin Canton
Devin CantonAssociate & BIM Manager
HMFH Architects


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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, get in touch with the Enscape License team. We’re happy to help!

Why don’t you offer one-time payment?

It’s our philosophy to ensure the best experience to our users. Every few months, a new generation of GPU drivers, virtual reality headsets and CAD tool updates appears on the market. This requires a software to be continuously updated just to keep running. Instead of maintaining all outdated versions of Enscape, we decided to focus on improving Enscape to incorporate your wishes and ideas from our Forum.

Subscription licenses are therefore the best way to ensure compatibility and a maximum speed of new improvements to your software.

How can I manage/upgrade my licenses?

For floating licenses, you can use our License Center. This allows you to check your license count and renewal date. You can also change the amount of licenses.

For all other concerns, please contact the License Team and include your company name and the email address associated with your original purchase. Europeans should also include their VAT ID.

Does my version always stay up to date?

You’ll get a notification when starting Enscape’s host application if a new Enscape version is available for download. Therefore, you always have the newest version, independent of when you bought your license

There is no additional charge to update your version of Enscape.

Can I pay via invoice?

If you wish to pay manually via PayPal or bank transfer, please send us an email with the following information to receive a quote:

  • Company name
  • Contact name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Type and quantity of license
  • VAT ID if applicable

You’ll receive the license key together with an invoice after accepting the offer.

Is there a student license or academic license?

Yes, there is. Enscape is committed to educating future AEC professionals. Our EDU X program offers students and educators the opportunity to experience real-time rendering and virtual reality at no cost. Get the full version of Enscape free of charge with your student or academic email address. Click here to read more about our student license offer.

How can I transfer my license to another machine?

You can revoke the license in the General Settings menu under the tab Licensing. After doing so, you can re-enter the key on another machine.

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