Oculus Rift

Enscape supports Oculus Rift CV1 and DK2 as a head-mounted display device to experience your project in virtual reality.


  • Make sure that at least the Oculus runtime version 1.5 has been installed and your Oculus device has been setup correctly.
  • Please open the Oculus App and select “Settings”. In the General settings section please activate the “Unknown Sources” option (For more information please see the official Oculus support center).
  • When you turn on the device you should now be able to see the Oculus Home Scene.
  • If everything works here, start Revit and Enscape. If you enable the Oculus Rift checkbox in the Advanced Settings tab Enscape should now be able to detect your Oculus
  • After enabling Oculus Rift in the Enscape settings you might not see your Revit project, but a grey image. When you look around you’ll notice a Health & Safety Warning. Please press ‘A’ if using an Xbox-Controller or focus on the button below the warning message to acknowledge it and to proceed to Enscape.


Oculus Rift


You can look around freely and walk in the direction you’re facing by moving forward. You can also rotate the view additionally using your controller or mouse input.


Check this compatibility document from Oculus. Please make sure to run Enscape with Oculus only on appropriate hardware. The performance improvements that come with the latest Oculus runtime are only effective on the latest generation of graphics cards. You might experience unpleasant jittering when trying to run Enscape with Oculus on insufficient hardware.

We recommend either an Nvidia GTX980 (or Quadro M6000) graphics card for a smooth VR experience with Enscape!

  • If you have an NVIDIA GPU, make sure to upgrade to the 364.72 driver or later. To get the driver, click here.
  • If you have an AMD GPU, we recommend the Catalyst 16.7.2 Beta or later. To get the driver, click here.


  • The “Architectural Two-Point perspective” mode does not work with Oculus.
  • Advanced graphic effects like Global Illumination, Depth of Field, and Bloom are disabled while using the Oculus rift to ensure a better VR experience.
  • The performance may vary significantly based on scene complexity.

Known Issues

  • If you have two graphics cards installed make sure either one of them is disabled prior Oculus usage or ensure that Oculus and Enscape are executed on the same graphics card.
  • If you turn off the Oculus Goggles while Enscape is running in VR and turn them on again it might take a while until you see an image again.
  • If you experience unusual stuttering even in small scenes and even though your hardware meets the system requirements, please try to reboot Windows once and try again.

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