Create a great rendering

Set the right place

Navigate to a point from where you want to take the picture.

Creat a great rendering 1

Enable two-point perspective

In the Advanced section of the Ensacpe settings you can enable the Architectural Two-Point Perspective, which will allign the vertical walls with the edges of the picture.

Creat a great rendering 2

Load a skybox

You can download free Skyboxes here or find out which skyboxs are supported in our knowledgebase. You can now choose a skybox for example one that we provide in our package.

Creat a great rendering 3

Rotate the skybox

In order to get the part of the skybox in your picture that you want, sipmly use the slider in the Enscape settings.

Creat a great rendering 4

Add depth of field

Adding Depth of Field adds a great effect in blurring the foreground. This gives the impression of a good photo camera and lets you focus on the important part of the rendering.

Creat a great rendering 5

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